Confucius Institute is the international name of Chinese cultural centers that work under the Chinese National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. The Institutes are founded in countries with a tradition of studying sinology, according to the Office plan. Belgrade has been chosen by the Office as the first, and for now the only, city in the region. The plan is to make Belgrade a regional center with a unique program of activities.


The Confucius Institute in Belgrade aims at promoting Chinese culture and language, presenting China to the people of Serbia, connecting individuals and institutions who study Chinese language or culture in Serbia, making a reference database of Chinese culture and language materials available in Serbia, as well as other activities that include cultural co-operation between Serbia and China.


            The Club of Chinese Culture Admirers has been opened at the Confucius Institute in Belgrade. Club members have the opportunity to rent over 1000 books (classical and contemporary Chinese literature, books on Chinese art, history and philosophy, textbooks, dictionaries, etc.), the latest editions of Chinese magazines (covering economy, society, sports, etc.), a large selection of contemporary and classical Chinese music, as well as several hundred documentary and fiction films. The materials are available in several languages.



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